Webdesign: what is it?

It is sometimes thought that web design is only about creating websites.

And that anyone who creates websites is a web designer.

I believe that this art (which is also a science) should help companies and their brands stand out in their respective markets with a website that converts visitors into customers.

In my view, that’s what a web designer is for. It’s not just a task of creating websites (just because)… because a website that is old, slow and confusing can only do one thing… damage your reputation.

More than a website.

Web design isn’t just about websites.

What we call web design consists of creating and managing the entire user experience on a website .

From the structure to the layout, to the careful choice of crucial elements such as images, colors, letters and graphics… which ultimately determine how a potential customer perceives your company or brand.

Before its existence.

If what you call web design didn’t exist today, all websites would probably look like this:

That’s right. It would just be a bunch of text and little else, with no hint of elegance. I would find it very difficult to read any kind of information if it was presented in this type. As such, the web designer is of fundamental importance today.

Without web design, all websites would just be text, and someone using a website to sell their product or service would have a hard time selling it.

After its existence.

Today, with the evolution of web design, we are able to create websites in such a way that their appearance and message have an emotional impact. Today, the experience of making an online purchase is so familiar and safe that we do it without thinking twice. Why?

Because the evolution of this science allows us to enjoy an experience (like going to the mall) without leaving home.

If you want to learn more about web design, or if you yourself want to create a website to give your business its soul, then don’t hesitate to get in touch, because these days, having an online presence is essential.

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