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Review of branding problems on the old website.

The Challenge:

Visitors to a website often judge the quality of a professional’s services by the quality of their website design.

The website had some branding problems: it had random ads unrelated to its activity, it needed a more user-friendly layout as well as a more modern design.


As you now have the design and structure of the website sorted out, you can now focus on attracting visitors to your website, whether through content writing or other means of promotion/digital marketing.

The website has been revamped by solving the problems that existed, namely by removing random advertisements, improving the design, improving the structure of the website to improve the browsing experience and installing https.

susana antunes

"My intuition led me to work with Gabriel. He told me that he would capture the essence of what I wanted.
And so it was.
To tell you the truth, I was already developing my own website for my activities.
However, in addition to revamping the website, I also received a few suggestions from Gabriel that further enhanced the message I wanted to convey in my work, such as the prominent phrase on the site, which fitted in well with the spirit of my work.
I also liked their punctuality, their professional work and their ability to capture what we wanted and needed.
It seems to me that with this clearer organization, I'll be able to get my work out to more people. "

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