sigmund - Psychology Center

Website to promote the Sigmund Center for Psychology and Human Development (formerly CPDH) and its services.

The Challenge:

Development of a website that reflects the team’s human approach and includes an advanced appointment booking system.

Due to the Covid pandemic, this need to facilitate online psychology consultations has also arisen.

The latter format has gradually become more widely used due to its convenience, the hygienic issues that have arisen, as well as the similar results to the face-to-face setting.

We also want a 100% customized logo.


Users can intuitively follow the path they are most interested in, i.e. they can automatically make an appointment with the professional they most want, and without exchanging messages/calls.

There is also a page dedicated to each of the services provided by the Center, so visitors can explore the service they may require.

The automatic online appointment system makes the process much easier, as it allows the applicant to see in advance what vacancies are available on the professional’s side, making the process much quicker.

The site has been automated so that the Center’s team can easily add new content to the website.


"I really enjoyed the process of building my website with Gabriel, as well as the end result.
Gabriel has unusual relational characteristics, in the sense of listening, understanding, sensitivity, a critical spirit, an aesthetic sense, etc.
I could go on and on, because he really manages to bring together various skills that make him, both personally and professionally, someone you want to turn to in order to improve yourself."

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