Pedro Guina Lawyers

Modernizing the website and creating an empathetic approach to visitors.

The Challenge:

This website didn’t have an empathetic message that would bring the visitor closer to requesting Dr. Pedro Guina’s services. It also needed to be functional on mobile and take advantage of the latest web design standards.


Dr. Pedro Guina has noticed a clear increase in clients from his google ads campaigns. The website has also been given a strong personal touch so that visitors can start to feel a connection with this professional as soon as they land on the website. The addition of a photo of the professional in question along with the revision of the website’s content has brought a new “soul to the website” that makes it easier for visitors to feel connected to the professional in question.

Dr. Pedro Guina

"I got in touch with Gabriel Reis by replying to an email from him, in which he presented his web page design services.
As I needed to redesign my website, I asked for your services. He quickly presented me with a redesigned website and a quote, to which I agreed and went ahead with the project.
My page was quickly redesigned and made more intuitive, which has resulted in more customers, and I recommend their services. "

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