João Matos - Psychology

João Matos, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. He practices in his office both in person and online.

The Challenge:

The old website did not allow content to be viewed via cell phone, thus losing many of these visitors.

Due to the Covid pandemic, there was also a need to facilitate online psychology consultations. The latter format has gradually become more widely used due to its convenience, the hygienic issues that have arisen, as well as the similar results to the face-to-face setting.

The message of what makes João Matos an outstanding professional in his field was also not well conveyed on the old website.

The Challenge:

Creating a modern website that clearly conveys Emsys’ services to both Portuguese and international audiences, hence the functionality of the website in English.


João saw the number of requests for his services clearly increase from google ads, thanks to the increased clarity of his message on his website. All the new visitors from cell phones also contributed to this.

The automatic online appointment system makes the process much easier, as it allows the applicant to see in advance what vacancies are available on the professional’s side, making the process much quicker.

Clear development of what makes João Matos a unique professional in the field of clinical psychology and psychotherapy. Creation of an automatic appointment booking system The old color palette, which revolved around dark grey, has changed to more cheerful colors, which reflect what customers are looking for: more serenity and happiness in their lives. In addition to the color palette, the installation of Https and the creation of a 100% customized logo also contributed to boosting this professional’s branding.

João matos

"I really enjoyed the process of building my website with Gabriel, as well as the end result.
Gabriel has characteristics
unusual relational skills, such as listening, understanding, sensitivity, critical thinking, aesthetic sense, etc.
I could go on listing features,
because it really manages to combine several valences
that make him, both personally and professionally, someone you want to turn to in order to improve yourself."

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