David Cirinà Author & Coach

Website to promote the book “Attitude Counts” by author David Cirinà,
as well as its coaching services.

The Challenge:

One of the challenges we faced right from the start was figuring out what structure to give to the website, as there are two distinct (albeit related) services here, namely the book and the coaching. This structure should allow visitors to be intuitively directed to the area in which they are most interested.


The initial objective has been achieved, so intuitively visitors can easily follow the path they are most interested in, i.e. finding out more about the book or about coaching.

The blog has also been 100% optimized so that whenever David wants to write a new post, everything appears in the right places, and with a great design.

David Cirinà

The value for money of Gabriel's work is nearly unbeatable.
I have been working with Gabriel for the last year.
The main project he did for me was designing my website.
He is quite professional and delivers great quality work.
Sometimes he would change things from the original project if he would find it would work better that way, showing a great critical sense, enabling a great output.
He also showed good skills of marketing strategy helping create more impact in the work he developed for me.

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