.com or .pt which one to choose?

If you’re only in Portugal, choose .pt !

If, in addition to Portugal, you want an international presence, then .com or both .com and .pt could probably be interesting

The .pt is aimed at companies and activities in Portugal.

.com is the most widespread worldwide.

Advantages of .pt in Portugal

If you only have a presence in Portugal, .pt brings advantages because visitors from Portugal, when they notice that the name of the site ends in .pt, see that it is a company or professional located in Portugal.

This brings an image of closeness and authenticity. In fact, this represents a guarantee of trust for visitors. It allows you to immediately identify that it is a Portuguese website and reassures the visitor. This aspect is particularly important when a site offers products or services for sale.
So choosing .pt is perceived as a real sign of reliability.

By choosing .pt you also have the advantage that search engines (such as google) give preference to .pt sites for national searches, when compared to .com websites

To the same extent, someone located, for example, in Spain and with Spanish customers should choose .es, and in France with French customers should choose .fr, and so on….

The internet is spectacular but we hear about scams every day. This has made consumers much more cautious when buying online. If your site is an online store that sells only to Portuguese customers then the .pt extension is the best option for you.

Advantages of .com for internationalization

The advantage of .com is that with this same .com domain extension we can target several countries at the same time with a single website.

Just look at Apple ‘s website, which targets almost the entire planet using subdirectories after the .com extension:

I hope this article has helped.

Note: I’ve tried to simplify things as much as possible, but there are more nuances that sometimes need to be taken into account, but which would actually make this text too heavy.

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